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A physical feeling between a twitch and a wiggle.
"I can't stand my eyelid twiggling like this!"
by melicia April 22, 2004
47 24
To get exceedingly drunk and give an unsolicited lap dance to a victim as if you were a stripper from the Claremont Lounge. Said lap dance will render the victim incapacitated.
Where's Sam? She hasn't spoken to anyone since Trannabest twiggled on her last weekend.
by Swoggle August 07, 2012
5 1
Refers to the form of giggles that occurs when pertaining to anything associated with the Twilight Saga.
I had a series case of the twiggles when I first saw Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie.
by whitt96 November 10, 2010
3 1
The action or course of rotation between your thumb when it moves out of place for a temporary amount of time.
Jimmy put down his hands first to guide his body to the chair but ended up falling on the floor and when he hit the floor, his thumb twiggled from the impact.
by random6996 September 05, 2012
1 1
to tickle the inside of ones belly button with your pointer finger
i wish i hadn't twiggled you.. now my finger is covered with dust

i twiggled her so hard my finger got stuck
by jblock19191 July 13, 2011
2 2
the action of when your eyes twitch and wiggle simultaneously; may be an amplified and/or side effect of visual enhancing drugs
0. sometimes, only one eye will twiggle.
1. my eye just twiggled.
2. do you get the twiggles?
3. my eyes have been twiggling all day.
by cheerupmate July 01, 2011
4 5
The slight upward movment of a penis when a large object has been inserted in the rectum.
"He must have been a virgin because I saw him twiggle and the other guy wasn't that big."

"Your shocks are bad because I totally twiggled when you drove over that bump."

"I had a huge twiggle signing that alimony check"
by Space Arsonist March 09, 2009
8 12