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A black person who uses the social networking site twitter
Guy 1: hey do you use twitter?
Guy 2: yeah, I guess you can say I'm a twigger
Guy 1: why?
Guy 2: cuz I'm black!
Guy 1: hahaha good one!
by Ferris buller May 07, 2009
verb, twigger, twiggering, twiggered: to twigger is to make something work that seems not quite possible, using whatever materials can be found for free or cheap.

Twiggering is a creative way to problem solve "interesting" situations without money. (Or at least, not much money)
Twiggering something is like "jerry-rigging" except that something that has been twiggered, actually works and you can usually use it the rest of your life if you choose.
We twiggered the truck back together, and now it works great. It looks a little funny though, but we don't mind since it works.
by wordgenie November 08, 2014
Those kindly, dark-colored folk (who usually live in the lesser-income parts of town) that excessively use Twitter.
Darren: Hey man, did you see Kayne's tweet 56 seconds ago?

Eric: Hell no. I don't follow that Twigger.
by C. Ravin Dadik January 16, 2011
An asian kid that grew up in a white neighborhood (see twinkey) that tries to be black. Probably the saddest example of searching for an identity.
Henery is such a twigger. He think's he's a rapper but he's a total dork.
by alfalfa31 September 24, 2005
noun—An appropriate (if offensive) label given to non-fats by those of the larger persuasion. This term was coined during a meeting of the Hairy Fat Man Association. This term is often associated with those skinny people deemed worthy to serve their great fat masters. While often associated with beanpoler disorder, this term is not synonymous with midget. Midgets are to be revered and given the proper respect (and shoulder rides when applicable).
"Oh, I didn't see you standing behind that flagpole, twigger!"
"Boy! Yes, you there, twigger! Fetch me another mug of sausage gravy and a box of Zingers!"
"Did you say something, twigger? I can't hear you—your air's too thin!"
by Hairy Fat Man Association February 19, 2013
a black person who uses twitter all the time
Damn Jamal is such a damn twigger hes on that web site 24/7
by howardamoits July 22, 2009
White people who use meth but dress like gangsters and listen to Gansta Rap music
Pass me the glowie, pull up your pants and turn down that Ice-P hip hop bullshit you twigger.
Man, I scored from this guy who was taking his car stereo out while it was still playing NWA's first album, what a twigger.
No, I didn't know that wearing a paisley shirt and Levis was not cool in this hood. My bad twigger.
by Stan Onymous September 02, 2014
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