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The crazies that stand outside a movie theater for 5+ hours waiting for the new twilight movie to start.
Did you see that line at the theater? It went all the way to the Corner Bistro!
Yeah I saw that, stupid twi-fucks!
by Stoney Beers June 30, 2010
A twifuck is a term that refers to the obsessed bitches that cant stop talking about twilight. Despite the fact that the book lacks any real character development or definition.
"Hey, guess what, i just posted my new twilight remix on youtube!"

"holy shit? really? is it that edward cullins porno you posted lastweek?"

"uhhhhhh. no this one is the scene wher edward is sitting outside her house and he is SPARKLING."

"Cool!, go tell someone who gives a shit, twifuck."
by twitterbud5566 April 01, 2009
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