another name for a vagina
Twhat did you say? I cunt hear you. I have a ear inFUCKtion.
by jjew August 06, 2010
See: twat

Pronounced "Twhaaaaaat??"

Generally a word subtly replaced with "what" when someone you don't like says something to you from a distance or you can't understand what they said.

You can call them a twat without them knowing and silently giggle to yourself.
An angry boss:


John replies like he didn't hear him



Similar to

"I cunt hear you"
by Revolutifairy April 21, 2010
A thwat is a thought that has been rendered in 140 characters or less so as to make it tweetable.

In most cases the meaning of the original thought when rendered as a thwat is compromised.

As with a meme (an idea denuded of meaning) a thwat might be thought of as thought without the thinking.
Any quote on the internet attributed to Oscar Wilde is unless contextualized in a thought a twhat
by mediumkool November 01, 2011
(pronounced Tw-hat)
A twattish hat, a hat that someone (usually a guy) wears that they think makes them look cool but they just look foolish and annoying!
"Justin Timberlake has a large twhat collection"
by Blame The Rainbows August 07, 2005
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