The act of sending and recieving messages via
" I was tweeting to my girlfriend last night. "

" Did you see the message i tweeted to Travis ? "
by Plumberboy May 11, 2009
Top Definition
(v.) To suck your own cock
Sean: "Hey Kevin, did you know there is no word for sucking your own cock?"

Kevin: "Nah bro, it's called tweeting"
by Da Ass Master December 07, 2009
Not to be confused with trolling, tweeting is the act of sending messages to people you are connected to via social media (ex, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, SnapChat, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc) whether written, visual, or audible.
Tweeting is about sending messages that are welcomed in social media, while trolling is about sending unwanted messages in social media.
by rbdz29 September 13, 2016
The act of putting a hole into a buttplug then forcing it into your rectum to hear a loud whistling sound like a bird.
The only thing you could hear from the shack was the sound of <insert name> tweeting forcefully.
by TrueKyuubi April 17, 2009
Dressing up like a bird and then urinating on someone in an erotic fashion
John: "Hey Rob what are you doing?"

Rob: "I'm tweeting with my girlfriend"

John: "Wow, I didn't know you guys where into hardcore action"
by BigDA April 27, 2009
Tweeting (Verb) 1) The act of repeating things and being stupid 2) The act of repeating things and being stupid 3) The act of repeating things and being stupid 4) The act of being so stupid you don't realize you're repeating things
LOLfreak: LOL


LOLfreak: LOL

Prandom: Idiotic Tweeting people...
by Kitten's Demon May 28, 2009
In an automobile, turnig the audio bass completely down, the treble and volume all the way up, riding around playing your favorite song.
Jake: Dude, I feel like tweeting

Matt: Hell yeah!
by EhsJake November 17, 2007
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