the area between the scrotum and the anus. See "choda"
Is it legal to show a tweener on tv?
by jonny September 17, 2003
a "tweener", in Canadian Folk Festival (and other music festival) circles, is the person who entertains, on mainstage, during the set-ups, between the headlining acts.
originated by C. McKendrick, Winnipeg Folk Festial Media Crew
Rory McLeod's tweener on Friday night mainstage, blew the crowd away. Sometimes the tweeners are better than the headliners.
by Coral July 31, 2004
oral sex on the area area between the balls & a-hole; licking the perineum, male or female.

she lifted up my sack and gave me a "tweener"

see also "bonch"
see also "tossing the salad"
by rob February 09, 2006
For those who work in Show Business; Sex between the matinee and evening performance.
Do you want to go to dinner after the show? I can't I'm having a tweener with Kristin.
by Ron Vodicka July 08, 2005
A person who possesses both logical and creative attributes; doesn't fit into conventional stereotypes. A tweener is often highly intelligent.
Cally is a tweener, she is good at math and art.
by Hilda-lee August 26, 2006
A person who is not ugly and not "hott", but in be'tween'.
<@AuroraX0> I'm so f-in ugly.
<@Crimson> Yeah, you kinda are. You're not even a tweener.
by Matt February 10, 2004
TWEENER (n.) - a dyke who has feminine features, mannerisms, proclivities, etc., but cuts her hair short and dresses butch in order to secure her lesbian identity. Connotations: the look does not suit her; she is insecure
She's just come out, so I think she's going through a tweener phase. She keeps buying Dickies and a-shirts, but talking about how she misses high heels.
by Eli August 15, 2004
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