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Gayber is mostly used when someone is acting gay.
Like Justin Bieber. -->> Gayber.
Guy says; i watched the new Twilight move
Answer; damn that's gayber.

Guy says; we ran naked in our garden, me and my friend when we we're 11.
Answer; gayber.

Guy says; i like justin bieber
Answer; You mean the little 7 year old girl Justin(e) Gayber?
by Wackotacko July 03, 2010
a common term used to describe someone, usually a male, who is unable to partake in social activities. this person will often become red in the face if brought into these social situations but may also occur in general
gayber is being so gayber
by annonymous34333 November 25, 2007
An extremely non-social person who is usually found with an off-balance haircut and has an immense lack of friends.
Gayber is usually discovered in the outskirts of Machu Pichu and sometimes the underwater city of Atlantis
"Gayber stop trying to stick your tiny penis in my butt im not gay like you!"
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