acting in a nonsense manner
you need to stop tweeking and get it together.
by 1che July 25, 2003
Top Definition
the state of mind when using methamphetamines that the user cannot stop doing an activity and has been up for days.
Man i was tweeking hard after cleaning for six hours last night.
by Tweeker July 17, 2003
To be in paranoia or panic
"Dude, no one is talking about you so stop tweeking."

"Just because you're alone it doesn't mean someone is watching you, so stop tweeking."
by Melisha June 25, 2005
Making uncontrollable body movements or spasms after the consumption of marijuana
Evan: "Woah dude, I'm tweeking so much"

Nick: "I could tell, your legs have been moving every five seconds"
by SpareChange November 24, 2011
To zone out while on drugs.
"Man, look at him hes tweeking right out !"
by Josh January 01, 2005
Tweeking is any change to a product or document that you think will take two hours but ends up taking two weeks. Tw(o)-(w)eeks.
The new website is ready to go, it just needs a little tweeking.
by BigMickSydney April 26, 2009
Also known as a foursome or orgy; Tweeking is when four participants of either the male, female or unspecified genders participate in fornicating with one another at the same time.
Ryan: Hey, you wanna' go tweeking?
Tweek: I'm in.
Chez Mix: Oh wait, Batman's not here. We need another person.
Tweek: God dammit.
by Batman>:( November 13, 2011
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