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Pimp in the game from the begining. Understands the metaphysical aspects of twirking a female. Uses all angles necessary in order to fill his prescription for "BITCHES".
You gotta be a "1che" type nigga to pull a dime female like that.
by 1che October 21, 2003
acting in a nonsense manner
you need to stop tweeking and get it together.
by 1che July 25, 2003
One who is jealous and does any and everything possible to hold down the next man.
He saw me with this bad bitch so he went and told her I was fucking shorty from across the street.
by 1che October 21, 2003
handgun used in lamest terms to describe a bullet firing arm
i bust my gat at them fools after they shot pookie
by 1che July 25, 2003

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