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Second to worse place to live, right after Lancaster. Seems to attact people with low intelligence, no teeth, mobile homes, and wannabe gangsters who cant afford to live in East La.
Some idiot called it Palmdale because they cant tell the difference between a palm tree and a joshua tree.
by Jim Shu September 11, 2003
A small California down in the middle of nowhere, populated mainly by white people. Best known for producing the great rapper Afroman.
Well it was just sundown in a small white town, they call it east side Palmdale. When the Afroman walked through the white land, houses went up for sale!
by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog November 25, 2003
1.An ugly little desert town about an Hour north east of Los Angeles. The populatin there, refered to as Desert Rats, continues to be out numbered by tumbeleweeds.
2.A soul stealing cursed place once called the devils playround by native americans.
3.A cursed place that causes all people who move away from it, to have to return.
The poor family had no choice but to return to the arm pits of hell they had once called home.
by Jared Vega March 11, 2004
a hot and dry desert restroom stop before reaching any other desirable destination.
Are we in LA yet? I have to pee...what's this dusty whole? It says "Palmdale", they gott have a bathroom somewhere in this ratsnest.
by Berkeley gurl February 19, 2005
Where dreams go to die. A total shithole with ghetto apartments with cheap rent, because its about an hour away from any real civilization. Palmdale, where minorities are the majorities, great place if you're a black person.
"Did you lock the car? Oh good thinking we are in Palmdale"
by P On It 818 October 26, 2011
To touch one's self
Yo man, I haven't gotten any in ages. I think I'm going to have to visit Palmdale
by Twofish January 25, 2009
A California town in the Mojave Desert that shares many qualities with the city of Laredo.
If Raqem ever leaves Laredo, I don't reccomend that he comes to Palmdale
by icabod August 21, 2003
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