Also known as joint. Budz wrapped up in Z's and twisted at the ends. The earliest history I know of is from the movie 'Friday' (1995) quoted by Mr. Jones
"I betch ya'll been drinkin' that wine too, ain'tcha? And smokin' them tweeds and everything..."
by James S. November 29, 2004
Top Definition
abbreviated tumbleweed
strong marijuana
"We be smokin dat tweed till we fall in the grave." -Bone Thugs N Harmony
by Nicole April 05, 2004
k2, fake pot, herbal incense, spice, or any other synthetic marijuana.
hey man lets head up to the smoke shop and get some tweeds.
by dj rustynail May 29, 2011
tweeds refers to a few buds of marijuana.
them tweeds will mess wit yo head.
by hari krishna November 29, 2004
A girl with too much confidence. While knowing what you want and doing what you like is one of the most attractive things in a girl, some girls take it too far.
by Beco Yokosli August 30, 2010
Posts, comments, news, and advice having to do with Marijuana, on Social media, such as Twitter.
If you want to learn about the Marijuana movement there are many very informative Tweeds posted on Twitter daily.
by DEL415 June 06, 2015
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