tweak n., slang - Methamphetamine.
tweaker n., - someone high on methamphetamine.
tweak -ing, -ed, v., slang - 1) to be high on methamphetamine,
2) to fine tune.
3) to act as if being high on meth.
4) to pay extended amplified attention to tasks, usually of a trivial nature; especially when other tasks of a larger priority should be handled (with or without the aid of methamphetamine).
"I was high on tweak"
"That tweaker accused everyone at walmart of being an undercover agent."
"I got this peanut butter dope and was seriously tweaked out."
"I was tweaking my stereo system all night."
"Monster energy drinks get me all tweaked out."
"I realized I was tweaking when after three hours of having the water running, I had cleaned the whole shower but was still dirty."
by feellikemore dot com November 23, 2008
To injure slightly, to sustain a slight injury to (some part of the body), usually while playing a sport.
"The pitcher tweaked his groin on a grounder back to the mound."
by RB Jr. July 18, 2006
To flip out
Dude, all I said was "hi" and he started tweakin'! What's his deal?
by Anonymous April 19, 2003
1. to go beyond extension, or stretching. as in the truth, a snowboard grab, or a body part.

2. to freak out while you're on drugs. (Usually used in correlation with meth users).
Hey, so you kind of tweaked the story a bit, I don't appreciate that.

Did you see him tweak that sick-ass stale fish?

Dude, I can't skate today-- I tweaked my ankle yesterday falling down 3 flights of stairs.

That Guy is fucking tweaking out. Someone shoot him with a super soaker!
by rustyn! September 26, 2008
To be paranoid/twitchy
To be High
Man, you gotta stop being so tweaky.
Man I was tweaking last night.
by Stewie April 08, 2003
To give a girl's clit a real workout, I mean, like when you give it the rub-a-dub taking it between your thumb and index. Not to be confused with mere twiddle.
I was giving her a real tweaking when her mother walked in on us.
by Hugh G Rection October 07, 2003
It's YOUR brand, do what ya' gotta do!
Dude, I helped TWEAK design a shoe!

The TWEAK Rhett & Link Mythical Shoes are the coolest shoes ever check them out!
by TWEAKfootwear April 04, 2011

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