To injure slightly, to sustain a slight injury to (some part of the body), usually while playing a sport.
"The pitcher tweaked his groin on a grounder back to the mound."
by RB Jr. July 18, 2006
a legitmate word meaning to pluck, or pull, and other non slang variations, but the slang variant was originally used to indicate the stage of a drug induced high, usually immediately following dosing, that indicates the climax of the high and the shift from sobriety into being extreme intoxication. Users were left alone when they "tweak," or are "tweaking out" until the initial strong effects of the drug wore off a little and they were more coherent.

The term has come to loosely refer to being high on speed, as well as unfortunately children who have been exposed to meth amphetamines in utero, parodied on shows including South Park.
You might act a little crazy when you tweak, but you'll come down in a minute or two.
by Lady Artemis April 02, 2010
To space out intensely while under the influence of some sort of psychotropic drug.
Guy 1: *spacing out, drooling*
Guy 2: what's wrong with you?
Guy 1: huh?
Guy 2: Dude you're tweaking.
by Fishmanist January 09, 2010
Really jumpy, talks with his hands, basically the baddest mofo on a campus near you.
Look at tweak walkin outta math class.
by snaggatoof February 04, 2010
A kid who is shaking or just twitches all the time. Common name for kids who move with speed for a second or 2 for no reason at all. Mostly they call them "tweak" in high school. They just jolt for no reason.
"Nelson was a tweak, he drank sugar water all the time". During clas he tweaked out for no reason
by mike July 05, 2004
1. To adjust accordingly
2. To freak out
1. His guitar sounds like shit 'cause he's gotta tweak his amp.
2. When she heard me play my guitar she tweaked.
by Buzz Cola October 23, 2003
(v) to tweak: a high resulting from methampetamines
He's the biggest druggie, he tweaks everyday.
by Cacoo June 26, 2003
Tweak=ian look all around culver city marina del rey and santa monica so see it hit up all over the place
Oh shit look some one hit up Tweak!
by tweak(ck17) May 27, 2003
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