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1. When one is competely and utterly FUCKED by any form of alcoholic beverage.

Also an Australian term meaning dope or sick.
Shit, last night I got twasted and fucked my own grandma.

Damn cracka, that sex was twasted
by Nick March 26, 2005
To be extremely drunk. Short for "totally wasted"
"I was twasted last night after 7 glasses of wine at the graduation party."
by BahamaMama June 21, 2006
The process of getting completely and totaly wasted. Usually to the point where you either A) black out, dont remember, end up with two rico suaves in your dads car, pass out still in your boots, lose your car, purse, mind, etc.
Lets get twasted and take advantage of ourselves.
by J. Field February 12, 2006
The effect of consuming a combination of alcohol and at least one other substance (most commonly marijuana, although prescription pain medication may be used as a substitute if you have exhausted your weed supply) Common symptoms that you are twasted are slurred speech, heightened emotional state, repeatedly stating in a high pitched voice that you are "Twasted!". No future recollection of the event. Embarrassing photos soon follow.
Ooh big daddy I'm so twasted right now.
by BadBunnyBK February 07, 2010
To be strange, weird, spasticated, or well done in.
You're well twasted, you are.
by Dommo September 03, 2005
the combination of both twat and bastard. used as a convienient and somewhat funny alternative to swearing.
you are a twasted.

by simon ellis September 03, 2005
The level of intoxication experienced after drinking and smoking that sticky stanky.
I shouldn't have taken that last hit, the herb and vodka got me all sorts of twasted!
by ShimmyVB August 26, 2015
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