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The definition for Twangled is actually the combination of the two terms 'tweaked and mangled'. This was created in 1999 by a video company called Det-Chi video. it was dubbed on the pro jet ski tour a few years prior. There is an entire video collection about Twangled.
Dude I crashed. I am tweaked, my bike is mangled... It is all Twangled.
by the twangled April 17, 2009
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A combination of the words twisted and tangled. When two people become intertwined so that they need to stop and separate themselves (as in sports). When a man has his scrotum in an uncomfortable position so that it requires adjustment.
"Dude, my balls are twangled"
"Did you see those two midfielders? They were twangled."
by Kevin DB November 08, 2007
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Tangled + Twisted = Twangled
A hose got tangled or twisted so we called it twangled
by Dopefreshation August 19, 2014
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