Trouble With Authority. Said of a chronically rebellious person.
This kid is said to have ODD, or Oppositional Defiant Disorder. That's just a fancy-schmancy way of saying the brat has TWA!
by Stop the Pendulum November 21, 2006
Internet acronym for "That Was Amusing".
Commonly used instead of LOL if you want to convey amusement but really didn't laugh out loud.
Bob: What's brown and sticky?
Vic: I have no idea.
Bob: A stick!
Vic: twa
by wyrdfish September 17, 2010
That Was Awkward. Used in an awkward situation.
My ex just texted me. TWA!
by itsok603 January 22, 2012
Twa - n.
An object stoners use to smoke those oh so big, fatty knifer hits off of the oven range. Made with a 1 liter bottle cut in half, with ice put in the top half, then holes cut in the bottles base and inserted upside down into the top half.

This device can be comparable to an ice bong with no water and is extra tasty with some hash oil.

Comical times discussing the definition of twat led to the naming of a group's easily bridled knifer companion.
Tony- yo Donny im tryin to do my knifas here but this straw works like shit. You gotta help me.

Donny- yo Tony unlike the dumbshit in front of me I use a brain to come up with clever pieces like dis here invention I made wit a water bottle.

Tony- yo Donny what do you call that thing man?

Donny- Tony to you? I call dis a twa.

Tony- A twat?

Donny- No stupid.
by SMOKEdat February 16, 2010
Tiggaz with attitude, an online gaming clan built to combat clans such as (SFC). It's name is a parody of the NWA.
Oh man i wish i could join the T.W.A. on Xfire!
by Kyle Talker February 08, 2008
Terrorists Welcome Aboard
Fly TWA, Arafat is not hitting us today
by Toli November 20, 2005
Trampoline Wrestling Association, The Original Backyard Wrestling Organization , Located in Brewster,Ohio. TWA has famous members such as Masked Mike Jackson who is on the video game Backyard Wrestling : Dont try this at home . TWA has been on Fox 8 and the Best of backyard wrestling video's , It has also had wrestlers interviewed by Sports Illustrated and many other accomplishments.
I went to see the TWA show and PoPo Bacon had barbed wire wraped around his head.
by Collin B. November 20, 2003
A way of affirming something.
Did you get my Email last night? Twa, I did.
by Phisherr June 15, 2009

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