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The situation where:
1. Friend A gets introduced to Friend C by Friend B.
2. Friend A and Friend C get along better with each other than with Friend B (usually Friend B is just unstable and irrational).
3. Friend A and Friend C become best friends, and exclude Friend B completely.
Jan: "Cindy, this is my friend Marsha"

Cindy: "Marsha, I like you better than I like Jan, let's go to the club and meet guys together, don't tell Jan."

Marsha: "OK, we are having a friend affair you know."

Jan: "boo hoo! i am sad"
by ButterMN May 15, 2008
The situation where you have a round sandwich and square cheese. The cheese sticks out in four places. Upon lifting the sandwich the user will rotate to a place where the cheese sticks out from under the bun and take a bite. This bite is known as the cheese corner bite. Most round sandwiches come with four cheese corner bites.
Julia: "I love the cheese corner bite, it is the cheesiest ever"
by ButterMN May 30, 2008
The opposite of Fashion Forward. Being unfashionably lost in the old trends or non-trends of fashion.
Her fashion sense stopped at about 1989, her blazers with oversized shoulderpads and pleated front pants make her fashion backward. Let's not even talk about her bangs that she curls into a claw in her permed hair.
by ButterMN February 25, 2008
By adding the suffix "est" to BFF you acknowlege that one person is your bestest bestest friend forever.

The suffix is derived from the adjective-chain big, bigger, biggest. Increasing in size until it can increased no further. This gives a new chain of BFF, BFF-er, BFF-est.
Julia, you are my BFF-est ever.
by ButterMN February 25, 2008
The act of promoting your friend to a higher position within a company. The promotion is not due to their hard work, the only qualification is that they are your friend.
WorkerBee1: "K gave HH a fomotion"
WorkerBee2: "I didn't know there was an open position"
WorkerBee1: "They have been good friends for years."
by ButterMN September 20, 2007
Short for Groty to the Max
The guy with the ear hair is GROTES!
by ButterMN July 11, 2008
A person that comes to work and is seen by many people but is never found at their desk. They never seem to have time to get their work done. They usually have a "prop" that makes it look like they just "stepped away" from their desk. Something like a Cup of Coffee, a Pair of Glasses laid beside their computer, or a sweater/jacket resting on the back of their chair. Their calendars are never shared. Cell phone is never charged. They never seem to get anything done nor does anyone know of anything that they have completed. The two times of the day you will see them are in the morning when they enter the office and at 5:00pm sharp as they leave the office. Though, sometimes they stay late to make it look like they are really busy.
Worker1: "Hey do you know where Ann is?"
Worker2: "No, she is a Skater, no one can ever find her"
by ButterMN May 10, 2006

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