To cradle one's testicles and wiggle the fingers in an upside down piano playing motion.
"All he hadda do was was tuss some nuts, and the professor changed his grade from a B to an A."
#tussin #tussy #nuts #juggle #cradle #play play
by Ricky Bidness August 22, 2008
Tussing: to steal a fish from somebody else before claiming that you caught it and then lying about it's size
Adam Barnes of Cornwall
by Cheesetweed March 24, 2005
Tuss is used in reference to the tender area between your shoulder and chest. The act of "Tussing" someone refers to pinching the forementioned area when the victim is unsuspecting. The term "Tuss" was originally thought to have been conceived in the military by a close group of friends.
If you don't stop acting like a fucktard I'm going to tuss the shit out of you.
#tus #tuss #tussa #teesa #tussy
by Mister Rogers September 10, 2006
affectionate word for robitussin generally used by those who enjoy drinking it for fun.
hey man, you wanna drink tuss tonight? piss yeah d00d!
by erik f. neumann February 08, 2005
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