When an awkward situation arises in conversation, it is also known as a "tusk". This usage was first coined in spring 2009, by a singular gentleman, whom we will call (in the interest of anonymity) Wendel Wordtyper. He was having lunch with some of his chums: Tyrion Portugal, Cross Wildcard, and Liam. The conversation turned to family matters. The three talked about their fathers, relaying various anecdotes about their experiences. After a few of these stories, Wendel quietly uttered, "I never knew my parents. I’m adopted.", drawing a stunned silence from his compatriots which seemed to go on for too long. Showing no sign of noticing the reactions of the other gentlemen, Wendel then took a stick of celery from his plate and put it under his upper lip and said, "It's a tusk! And so, the term was born. Since then, when an awkward situation arose in conversation, a tusk was formed. The simplest method involves taking the hand, bending the middle three fingers, so that only the pinky and the thumb remain erect. Then one places the thumb against the corner of the mouth on the same side of the face. This is the simplest of tusks.
Further adjustments and additions can then be made to this tusk. Inanimate objects of myriad size, shape, and number can be added to the end of the tusk, creating a bigger and bigger tusk, illustrating, via physical metaphor just how big a tusk that moment was. This public bulletin was brought to you by the Bureau Utilizing Tusk Telecommunication Sciences

A: "Yea. So she's getting her apartment renovated because of the blast. They still haven't found her cat. I feel awful. I offered to help pay for the damage, but she said that i've done enough

B: "That sounds like a tusk."

A: "Yup. It's full of tusk."

Tusk formation: (a poster has just fallen off the wall, knocking you off your chair as you were struggling to put up the next one. you hit the floor, the chair flips and breaks a nearby coffee table. because of the ruckus, a scream is heard from the kitchen as a startled cook drops a bowl on the ground, shattering it, rendering their dream of cookies shattered along with it. Out from under the poster, a tusk (thumb and pinky) peeks out. Onlookers, in good humor, add to the tusk with their hands, and any inanimate objects they happen to have)
by the B.U.T.T.S. October 17, 2012
The Ugly Side-Kick; the not so attractive buddy, one likes to go out with in order to look better.
Paul was hanging out at the hottest club in downtown hoping to meet some ladies, so he brought his TUSK, Fred.
by Jude Pierre May 02, 2008
A code word used to warn the receiver of an e-mail to be careful when opening because it contains material of an adult/ offensive nature. The word is placed at the end of the subject line.
Cheers for that Tusk e-mail mate - there were some right dirty bitches in the attachment!
by Wilf January 19, 2005
a penis with foreskin also known as a hooded monk or covered wagon
that un circumsized faggot has a tusk
by tusk April 01, 2003
To smoke, blaze, or chief some weed. Preferably in the form of a fat ass blunt.
"Damn! That blunt was a championship Tusker!"
"You tryin' to come over and Tusk down on this hootie?"
by hogs leg April 20, 2009
A very diverse word which can be used in any situation in many different forms to express how good something is. altered by the prenoun: Tender
That girl is TUSK!
that is a tusk car
that girl is Tender tusk!
that is tender tender tender tusk
by mupps420 June 05, 2007
1. The greatest hard rock, bash-your-face-in and suck the juice out of your eye balls band in the world that has not yet been discovered.

2. The sexual act of ejaculating while fornicating a young woman doggy style. You must then shout the word and make the dreamy sounds of an elephant.
That song was tusk as fuck. It makes me want to tusk.
by hennely is tusk May 05, 2008

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