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A code word for sexual intercourse. It can be used at parties to communicate between friends in front of females and they will have no clue as to what you are talking about. You can never get full off of turtle soup and it always leaves you wanting more.
Dude, I'm having turtle soup tonight!
#sex #intercourse #lovemaking #mating #fornication
by Sheriff Dardo Boy January 04, 2012
a foul smelling female
a female who private area has a fishy oder
a female private area with a foul small and a yellowish discharge
that female has the "turtle soup" you can smell it through her clothes.
#foul #fishy #stinky #funky #strong oder
by basedchica September 18, 2011
Diarrhea fart ,when sick, to check to see if toilet use is necessary, because you do not want to get up from where you are at, and liquid fecal matter squirts enough that stains your underware.
I was sick, downstairs, lying on the couch and I turtle souped. I then took a shower.
#squirts #constipation #shart #trtle soup #souped
by Steven Ortiz October 02, 2014
the cause of being ridiculously slow from the effects of marijuiana
ey bro, your laggin it. did you have too much turtle soup today?

ingredients: turtle, water, and purple
#high #slow #laggard #lag #faded #gandhi #sotallly tober #tits #ass #slow motion #turtle #soup
by Double AYE July 15, 2010
The smell in the air during or after someone has some hot steamy sex, usually with a girl of the trailer park variety. Also known as dirty butts.
Damn!! It smells like someone is cooking turtle soup in this bitch!!!! Tell your girl to wash her ass!!!!
#sex #bang #fuck #steamy #smell
by Chu-arlie January 11, 2010
The act of a guy tucking his wang and sack between his legs and bending over so that it can be seen from behind. The goal is to get a friend to look at your turtle soup so you can call him a nasty perv and punch him in the arm.
"Dude, does this shirt look wrinkled?"

(guy turns around and bends over for his friend to see when he looks.)

"Duuuude sick! Don't show me your turtle soup!"

"You're a nasty perv man..." (as he punches)
#the goat #the brain #the bat wing #the game #the look
by stephm22 February 14, 2010
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