What happens to males when they swim in cold water. The action of the penis retracting into the body to save heat.
Oh my god! I have turtle dick.

The water is so cold I got turtle dick
by Daren August 18, 2003
Top Definition
your dick is so cold and gets so small it appears that it goes inside of you, thus resembleing a turtle as it would go inside its shell
(past tense) yesterday, I got a wicked case of turtle dick

(present tense) today, I got a wicked case of turtle dick

(future tense) I hope i don't get turtle dick tomorow
by paulie March 04, 2004
When in a state of anxiety or after having been struck in the genitals, the penis tends to retract into the body. The name is derived from the turtle's defense mechanism.

Also applies to the bodily response after having gone swimming
I just went for a swim, and I got a mean case of turtledick (or turtlecock, tortoise-shlong)
by ppadru1 February 13, 2009
The act of getting to scared, that one's dick goes back into the body, the way a turtle's head hides in it's shell.
That turtle-dick ran so fast when he saw Big Rick across the street! He almost got a beat-down!
by Johnny Ock August 13, 2008
The uncontrollable full retraction of the male penis, leaving Just Nuts.

As in a Turtle pulling his head back inside of his shell.

Causes: Cold Water, Fright, Koo Ko Girlfriends or Wives.
Rieko went koo ko and screamed at me in front of thousands of people at Disneyland and before you know it, I had Turtle Dick.
by DrGenetics March 25, 2008
When a circumcised penis retracts into the remaining foreskin scar or shaft.
It's so cold, I'm turtle dicking.
Sorry, I was adjusting my turtle dick.
by CORich September 03, 2012
The inverted crawl of the male genitalia much like when a Turtle hides his head in his shell. This happens when you spot a woman that once was hot enough that you would have had sexual relations. Now she is such a fright with an additional 40lbs and an extra set of breasts on her back. Just the thought of her makes your penis crawl back into your groin.
Oh my God did you see her? She is such a mess, Just thinking about her gives me TurtleDick. What Happened to her?
by Father Murphy January 09, 2008
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