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to turn the volume of your sound system up real loud
"I love to crank up Metallica and watch the furniture fall apart!"
by Paulie January 07, 2004
a very beatiful/all-round superb person
what a tanvi!
by paulie May 19, 2003
your dick is so cold and gets so small it appears that it goes inside of you, thus resembleing a turtle as it would go inside its shell
(past tense) yesterday, I got a wicked case of turtle dick

(present tense) today, I got a wicked case of turtle dick

(future tense) I hope i don't get turtle dick tomorow
by paulie March 04, 2004
the boyfriend; someone's lover.
Last night I went out with theboi, we had a nice dinner.
by Paulie April 22, 2003
A penis.
"Did you nail her?" "Did i not, she so sat on my beef rocket!" "Ha ha, cheap whore!"
by Paulie April 25, 2004
The language of an actively using addict
'The landlord made a mistake, I did pay the rent' (rent money spent on drugs)
by Paulie September 17, 2004
Giving a thug something back to him.
Paulie turns round and clocked Mohammed, then says "Unthug that dick licker!" then kisses his knuckles with pleasure.
by Paulie April 25, 2004

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