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you horny little bastards there is no 6th base
"hey dude i got to 6th base last night"
"shut the fuck up there is no 6th base you dill hole"
by bigfoot January 16, 2004
the reason i can't fall asleep
damn man this coffee is fucking me up
by bigfoot January 17, 2004
mental institution/nuthouse/insane asylum, this was lovingly "lifted" from its use by the TV character Tony Soprano in HBO's "The Sopranos" see also "Rubber Ramada"
"Yea, my boys'll have a LOT of respect for me once they've found out I've been in the LAUGHING ACADEMY....
Hell, no!"
by BIGFOOT October 25, 2003
mental institution/nuthouse/insane asylum... see also "Laughing Academy"
"That chick, nuh-uh, ain't gonna go out with HER....she's in and out of the RUBBER RAMADA, WAY too much!"
by BIGFOOT October 25, 2003
a kid, child, see, "ankle-biter", "curtain-climber"
"Lord, God, turn that radio UP, that's Barry White, don't you know, thats TRYCYCLE MOTOR-makin' music!"
by BIGFOOT October 25, 2003
drink alcoholic beverages /drinking alcoholic beverages, for the purpose of intoxication; get drunk/the process of getting drunk (From "Turning one's glass/can up ;To raise a glass/can in drink
"God, I made a FOOL out of myself last night and trashed the Camaro, but , what the hell, I was turning, so, it was fun...I think..."
by BIGFOOT October 25, 2003
1.a "boy"/young man strictly for the purpose of sex; a "disposable "fuck-buddy", male, usually passive 2. a "prison bitch"
"Well, it doesn't matter whether he enjoyed it , or even if he's coming back for his shoes, he's just a fuckboy"
by BIGFOOT October 24, 2003
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