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1. The act of being or acting like a turd
2. The act of wasting your life away by doin nothing & always complaining about everything.
Synonyms: loafing, slacking
John liked Turding around so much in life he never got stuff done and was basically a waste of oxygen all his life.
#jonesy #vigorous #vigorousity #turdin #turdng
by VIGOROUS JONESY July 31, 2011
A popular sport in the east of England. Turding involves visting public toilets searching for shits that have been left there.when a turder finds a turd he may either collect photograph or eat the turd.
Bob : god jim, i found a fucking huge floater last night.
jim: really, what did you do with it?
bob : i ate it with some toast
jim : isnt turding great!
#turds #turdburglar #turdelburger #turdgobbler #turdgasm
by Maydew November 22, 2006
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