a peaceful, person. a person who wants peace, and peace only. with an acception of cheese, but only on occasions. turd ball, noun. -terduh-bawl-
"that maddie girl is one fine turd ball!"

"that turd ball walking down the street, thats my girl friend."
by madski21 May 27, 2008
Top Definition
A smelly, sleazy, nasty, contemptible person.
Maudiebelle is a real, live turdball.
by Steviedee January 21, 2004
The band Live

A group or an individual that is an ass hat or jerk.
The band Live is a bunch of turd balls
by Spam Alot July 25, 2008
A complete and utter shit-face
Seth was being a total turdball when he spilled hot chocolate on my laptop
by trinity_girl November 21, 2014
A person who is not very nice to other people.
That guy over there is such a turdball! All he ever does is insult people. Someone should just punch him!
by funny fellas January 15, 2014
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