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One of those amazing people you meet in life that you should never let go. A beautiful person that brings happiness to everyone she meets. Allysa is entertaining, funny, and always a blast to talk to. One who has befriended Allysa should thank the heavens for it.
Wish there were more Allysa's in the world
by lbeitle February 04, 2010
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My best friend, who is with me through thick and thin... luv u girlie!
holly- omg
allysa- what is wrong
holly- josh is cheating on me (*sobs*)
allysa- omg im so sorry!!! im gunna whoop his ass!
(*cries together*)
by allysa's_bff_bahaha May 08, 2011
I would bone thee POOP out of her.
Thee POOP, feices, crap, anal waste. I would rape the face off of Allysa.
by Bobsaggat June 04, 2011
a cold, heartless girl who breaks your heart and leaves her friends in shambles.
Guy 1) Dude, whats wrong?
Guy 2) I dated Allysa...
Guy 1) Oh boy...I'm sorry.
by brokenheart15 March 26, 2010

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