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A cocktail made by putting one shot vodka in the bottom of a pint glass, adding a half pint of lager, and a half pint of Smirnoff Ice.

Distinguished from the Shandy, which omits the vodka.
The gang got right shitfaced drinking turbo shandys last night.
by wickedzen March 03, 2011
half a pint of stella drink half then add smirnoff ice
a nice drink
by jsmes May 07, 2004
also known as a power shandy, see above :)
by Callum May 23, 2003
half pint stella
half pint breeza
gets you well wankered
can i have a turbo shandy thanx love (sober)
han a have a hurbo shchwandy pweez luvely bar lady with he brestickles pweez teheehehe (when pisses)
by Gavin 'n' ogg March 31, 2003