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A cross between a towny and a yuppie. Someone that frequents the local dives in their hometown but commutes to work by train and wears a shirt and tie.
There are many tuppies in Hoboken New Jersey - notice the graceful way they hobble out of bars.
by TAU-rico May 08, 2003
A Newfoundland word for a vagina
by Anonymous August 25, 2003
Tech Urban Professional. A well-paid young Tech professional who lives a technology and work centered lifestyle. A "nerd" in marginally cooler clothing. The 34 year old guy at the dotcom who wears his robe and pajamas at work, and has fruit loops for breakfast, lunch, and dinner -- which all happen at his workstation.
"If that Tuppie doesn't stop finger-f*cking his i-phone in the middle of the crosswalk, I may be forced to honk at him!"
by Puffjockey December 05, 2013