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Someone who enjoys administering his cock to other people via the anal cavity.
Poor homeboy got his shit pushed iiiiinnnnnnnn by that shit pusher, yo!
by TAU-rico May 08, 2003
A jerk off, asshole, dipshit or otherwise stupid motherfucker.
Listen you fucking cock squeezer pay your fucking rent.
by TAU-rico May 08, 2003
A cross between a towny and a yuppie. Someone that frequents the local dives in their hometown but commutes to work by train and wears a shirt and tie.
There are many tuppies in Hoboken New Jersey - notice the graceful way they hobble out of bars.
by TAU-rico May 08, 2003
A virus that produces painful sores in the mouth and on the feet, usually affecting young children and kiddie touchers.
Johnny got a severe case of coxsackie after sneaking into that young bitch's room last night.
by TAU-rico May 08, 2003
a toxic wastedump of a state, with the exception of Hoboken - a gentrified 'extra burrough' of NYC, birthplace of Frank Sinatra, where yuppies spawn by the 1000s.
Dayum, you from dirty jerzee?
by TAU-rico May 08, 2003
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