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A penis fatter than it is long; chode
Because Edgar had a chode, Erma called it a tuna can.
by william joseph hemmington December 21, 2004
A penis that is wider than long.
The guy had such a tuna can he had to have an elephant step on his back to fuck.
by Copie Boy November 04, 2002
A penis which resembles a tuna can i.e short and fat. Another word for a chode basically.
Damn i bet that fat twat has a TUNA CAN.

That Paul Wilson could'nt get it up me he's sure got a TUNA CAN.

Dude i just TUNA CANNED that whore last night.
by N33ks January 12, 2009
a penis that resembles a can of tuna, very thick but not very long. This trait is usually attributed to men that are white, tall, skinny, and usually own ridiculously huge dogs, trucks, and guns.
Dude, Brian got so drunk last night he stuck his dick in that fat chick. I bet she loved the tuna can.
by SicAssMic April 12, 2009
A penis that is wider than it is long.
"Did you hear? Marcy went home with Josh last night!"
"I heard he's got a real tuna can."
"Yeah, she's not going to walk the same ever again."
by aidan64 May 11, 2008
A derogatory term used to describe the shape of a penis that is wider than it is long.
"Hey Lamont, having a hard time getting action with that Tuna Can? No pun intended." Laughter ensues.
by LamontLambda April 17, 2014
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