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the friend of yours that you let service your lady while you're out of town, sick, locked-up, etc..
i had to leave town for a few days so i appointed mike my tuna helper
by fishegg July 12, 2004
1.)A slang term meaning a lesbian.
2.)A term referring to someone's lesbian tendencies.
1.)Check that Tuna Helper out!
2.)I bet if you looked in her purse, you'd find a box of Tuna Helper.
by Mikey G September 10, 2003
A straight man or woman who likes to hang out with lesbians.
"Tina isn't a lesbian. She just has a lot of lesbian friends. She's a tuna helper."
by Buttercup1976 March 28, 2008
(noun, vulgar slang): an established lesbian or bisexual woman who helps a bicurious woman or girl awaken a lesbian attraction by way of sexual experimenting.
After a weekend with Charlene the tuna helper, Stacy knew for sure that she was a lesbian.

from "tuna" (often used to describe the smell of human female genitalia), and "helper" (one who helps)
by Sadie Verbosa January 01, 2010
(1)deoderant for the not so fresh vagina.

(2) the new and improves version of the "stinky pinky"
Mary took herself to the store to buy some Tuna helper because flies were starting to congregate around her crotch.
by tuna&shitbird January 08, 2005
This is based on the use of the "stranger" where the male lays on his own arm to put it to sleep. Then uses his own arm to masturbate himself but here's the twist...

Put the arm to sleep with two fingers extended and have your female partner use your stranger hand to finger her vagina to her satisfaction.
Megan - would you like a Tuna Helper?
by Panther13 April 23, 2009
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