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the hottest girl on the planet
wow! monica is a sweet pea!
by fishegg June 19, 2004
the friend of yours that you let service your lady while you're out of town, sick, locked-up, etc..
i had to leave town for a few days so i appointed mike my tuna helper
by fishegg July 12, 2004
the SUPER sticky green.
i aint smoking that sorry ass chronic, fire up some deadbird,cuz!
by fishegg June 18, 2004
one who talks the talk but DON'T walk the walk
d.c. was talking like he has game on the court, turns out he's just a salt pellet
by fishegg June 19, 2004
to wash your car
dude, your trucks looking pretty dirty, you need to change her panties
by fishegg June 19, 2004
the drunk dude who stumbles up to you at the tables(gambling) who tries to tell you what cards to keep,get rid of, etc..
check it out son, i know how to play, you can stop being the pitboss.
by fishegg July 12, 2004
fairies who bow down to the ween
you know those two pirates are sack-religious
by fishegg July 12, 2004

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