An emoticon. It depicts a frowning individual dual-handedly giving the middle finger to the subject.
person 1: fuck this!
person 1: tumut
-person 1 has logged off-
by umbrage April 29, 2012
Top Definition
an emoticon for flipping the double bird, where the two t's represent the hands, the u's represent the eyes, and the m the mouth, usually used as a tag.

Quit stealing my lunch or I will shit on your desk

by DirtyE June 19, 2012
A town in NSW, Australia. Tumut is full of losers and sucks the life away from anyone that lives there.
by 2000lies July 14, 2010
A town that resides in a valley in the Snowy Mountains region in the state of New South Wales in Australia. Also know as "resting place by the river" to the aboriginies it has a population of around 7,000. Two interesting things about Tumut is that Tumut is a palindrone (look it up) and the town is full of zombies.... BRAAAAAIIIIIIINNNNNNSSSS!!!!!
Well here we are in scenic Tumut now let's... Oh my god they're coming! Lock the doors! Noooooooo!!!!!
by superaliasfail January 17, 2011
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