A term used for sexual intercourse, or shagging as its better known.

Mostly used in South Wales, especially around the Caerphilly area.
Kelly: I could hear my ugly neighbours tumping all night.
by Buffallo April 04, 2006
Top Definition
It is another word for sex or intercourse, made popular by dancehall artist Mavado
gyal come here for the tumping
by tump di gyal dem May 22, 2011
While driving, shitting out the window.
Oh damn, Chris is tumping on the highway.
by The Tumppper January 20, 2010
performing oral or just to have sex with someone with either special needs or downs syndrome.
billy - "did you hear about the janitor"

chris - "no, he touching kids again?"

billy - "nah, this time he got caught tumping"

chris - "ouch"
by puntay March 25, 2009
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