To tip over, almost always with the word 'over'. Usually describes the action of a swingset.
Watch out! If you swing too high, the swingset will tump over.
by Dween October 29, 2003
Top Definition
(verb): To tip something, usually a container, over, thus spilling its contents.
I can't believe you tumped your soda on to my new carpet!
by Red Ravens Rock! April 09, 2003
Alabama word used as a combination of the words "tip" and "dump".
We was just paddlin' in the boat when allasudden it tumped over.
#tip #dump #spill #topple #keel over
by mackimus May 02, 2007
beat, attack, to hit
bumbaclot, i'll tump you across your fayce. niam shit
by David N May 13, 2003
The sound of a firm or erect penis smacking against enormous breasts. Usually occurs playfully during a pause in oral sex.
"I heard Julie getting tumped by Dylan the other night" Chris.
"Yah, she must've stopped for a second" Kyle.
#tumped #tumping #tumper #tumpie #tomped
by George McFlair February 10, 2012
To fall over; accidental bumping of a cup, glass or a bowl. Tumped is past tense and is often used.
To tump a cup or container and spill its contents.
by Jed Friend May 31, 2005
To punch or hit a person with a lot of force.
--- "That tump that you got dou look painful."
--- "Trus, that was more than painful."
#box #punch #hit #tump #release da ting #happy slap #slap
by DaBossTing February 02, 2014
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