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1. To knock over, especially a container. Most often accompanied by the word "over".

2. The noise of tumping something over.
1. "Careful not to tump it over."

2. "I heard a loud tump, so I think someone must've kicked the vase."
by PH1L August 16, 2006
37 38
(verb): To tip something, usually a container, over, thus spilling its contents.
I can't believe you tumped your soda on to my new carpet!
by Red Ravens Rock! April 09, 2003
111 58
Alabama word used as a combination of the words "tip" and "dump".
We was just paddlin' in the boat when allasudden it tumped over.
by mackimus May 02, 2007
60 36
To tip over, almost always with the word 'over'. Usually describes the action of a swingset.
Watch out! If you swing too high, the swingset will tump over.
by Dween October 29, 2003
67 45
beat, attack, to hit
bumbaclot, i'll tump you across your fayce. niam shit
by David N May 13, 2003
74 58
The sound of a firm or erect penis smacking against enormous breasts. Usually occurs playfully during a pause in oral sex.
"I heard Julie getting tumped by Dylan the other night" Chris.
"Yah, she must've stopped for a second" Kyle.
by George McFlair February 10, 2012
11 9
To punch or hit a person with a lot of force.
--- "That tump that you got dou look painful."
--- "Trus, that was more than painful."
by DaBossTing February 02, 2014
1 1
rather polite derogatory term originating in Felsted school (UK)denoting an individual who just dont get it!! They also invented the 'Wanker' passed on to some USAF folks in da old days. Dont mention the WAR Basil.mmmmmmmm
My dear Lord, that cowboy banker from Texas is such a tumps.
by Pantha Sancho January 23, 2006
5 5