Texting Under the Influence
1. the text messaging equivalent of drunk dialing
2. the act of typing text messages while operating a motor vehicle
He deserved two TUIs yesterday: one before drinking a sip of alcohol commuting to the Braves game, and another 20 beers deep by night's end ...
by Soulja Man April 20, 2008
Top Definition
Typing Under the Influence
Bob: yo man i got totally wasted last night and i told trish I loved her on AOL.
Jim: Why would you do that?
Bob: Man I was totally TUI.
by Frank Bob June 15, 2007
A Kick ass Beer Brewed in Mangatainoka in the Wairarapa district of New Zealand since 1889.
If ya dont drink tui, then yer a wuss. If ya dont drink tui from the 750ml or Jugs then yer a fucking pussy.
by Brother Number One June 16, 2005
texting under the influence
*Johnny flips open his cell phone*

"New text message received 2/2/2008 at 1:04 am:

I watn you so baddd why don5t you like m eback"

Johnny: She must have been TUI.
by xdarlinnikki February 12, 2008
TUI: Texting Under the Influence.

Getting the bright idea to text ex-girl/boyfriends, parents, siblings and enemies expecting them to enjoy your thoughts while intoxicated. This especially occurs after a game of beer pong or round of shots, during a lonely cigarette at or around 4am
"I cam this close to a TUI last night, good thing my mom doesn't know how to text!"
by drinkmasterr March 28, 2009
Trapped Under Ice
An pionerring American hardcore band from Baltimore.
They play a dark brutal side of hardcore music with 2 EP's and one studio album.
Bro, did you go to the TUI gig last night?
TUI 'til I die
by Johnfrusciantejnr June 07, 2011
Typing Under the Influence, most commonly resulting in messages that should never have been sent in the first place. Commonly causing Facebook posts that make little or no sense to anyone but the person writing them.
I had to log off Facebook before I committed a TUI post to my profile.
by The Donkey Llama July 12, 2011
Thinking Under the Influence.
Dude I think I love her" "Nah you're just drunk, your TUI.
by KGetzy July 25, 2010

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