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Texting Under the Influence.

Similar to D.U.I, dialing under the influence.
Last night I was guilty of some t.u.i's
by urbandickk January 27, 2007
Texting Under the Influence
1. the text messaging equivalent of drunk dialing
2. the act of typing text messages while operating a motor vehicle
He deserved two TUIs yesterday: one before drinking a sip of alcohol commuting to the Braves game, and another 20 beers deep by night's end ...
by Soulja Man April 20, 2008
Tweeting under the influence. Not to be confused with the more serious DUI.
Let me stop committing a TUI.
by MrsKatLachiver January 08, 2014
"Typing Under The Influence"
When I checked my email after dinner and drinks. Noticing another retarded customer request. I retuned the email on the spot, letting them know how stupid the question was.

The next morning I charged myself with T.U.I.
by CPO BOATS September 20, 2009
Texting under the influence (of alcohol) - used to describe incomprehensible text messages sent while the sender has consumed alcohol.
Hey, just got your text. What does BoweielkLjfl; mean?
Oh, sorry, I was TUI.
by qwertykk February 22, 2011
the balls the package, that whole area
that man is the tui
tui is way bigger than ike
by jakob tres January 24, 2008
a japanese hooker
i think your mom used to be a tui. thats rad. can i get a discount?
by Big Fat J January 31, 2003