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Texting Under the Influence.

Similar to D.U.I, dialing under the influence.
Last night I was guilty of some t.u.i's
by urbandickk January 27, 2007
3 1
Tweeting under the influence. Not to be confused with the more serious DUI.
Let me stop committing a TUI.
by MrsKatLachiver January 08, 2014
1 0
Texting Under the Influence
1. the text messaging equivalent of drunk dialing
2. the act of typing text messages while operating a motor vehicle
He deserved two TUIs yesterday: one before drinking a sip of alcohol commuting to the Braves game, and another 20 beers deep by night's end ...
by Soulja Man April 20, 2008
6 5
"Typing Under The Influence"
When I checked my email after dinner and drinks. Noticing another retarded customer request. I retuned the email on the spot, letting them know how stupid the question was.

The next morning I charged myself with T.U.I.
by CPO BOATS September 20, 2009
0 0
Texting under the influence (of alcohol) - used to describe incomprehensible text messages sent while the sender has consumed alcohol.
Hey, just got your text. What does BoweielkLjfl; mean?
Oh, sorry, I was TUI.
by qwertykk February 22, 2011
1 4
the balls the package, that whole area
that man is the tui
tui is way bigger than ike
by jakob tres January 24, 2008
3 9
a japanese hooker
i think your mom used to be a tui. thats rad. can i get a discount?
by Big Fat J January 31, 2003
16 24