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A tuggie is another name for a hand job, otherwise known as manually stimulating the male genitals of a good friend, or enemy, or guy at a bar.

Can also be used to describe a particularly cool thing
I got a tuggie under the table during lunch

This chicken is so tuggie it makes my mouth water.
by DJ84 March 05, 2009
Like the snuggie, but there is a hole in the crotch area for easy access...

Don't worry guys, now the warmth and comfort of the snuggie has been combined with the ease and manageability of NOT wearing a snuggie! With a stain resistant, scotch-guarded ring, now you can scratch it, shift it, or you could just spend an afternoon pulling on it.
With the new Tuggie, giving my boyfriend a blowjob on a cold winters night was easier than ever!
by Devaginee December 25, 2009