A day of celebration where 100% straight men can partake in any homosexual activity and not feel any remorse or sense of gayness. It takes place EVERY Tuesday of every week regardless of any holidays it might fall on.
Dude I cant believe it's only Wednesday! That means I have to wait another 6 days for my favorite day, Tuesday.
by TuesdayGuy April 20, 2011
a beautiful person who carries her heart on her sleeve and loves deeply. cutting and sarcastic, she is also loving and sweet to those important to her.
That girl is aweseome, such a Tuesday
by sistergirly February 03, 2010
1.) Third day of the week.

2.) A name.

3.) Born on this day.
Person 1: Hey, what's your name?

Person 2: Tuesday.

Person 1: Were you born on a Tuesday?

Person 2: No.
by Tuesday Tr. August 18, 2007
The day of the week during which Soylent Green may be purchased for consumption. Soylent Green is not readily available the other days of the week due to limited production -- but don't worry, the more people die from starvation, the more Soylent Green there will be for the remaining populace!
Governor Santini is brought to you today by Soylent Red, and Soylent Yellow. And, new, delicious, Soylent Green: The "miracle food" of high energy plankton, gathered from the oceans of the world. Due to its enormous popularity, Soylent Green is in short supply, so remember—Tuesday is Soylent Green day.
by indiecognition December 10, 2007
The worst day of the week. It's the worst day because Monday sucks, but Tuesday is like Monday again. Since it's the worst day of the week it's the only day you can kill someone and get away with it. Tuesday is a day of anarchy.
I'm going to kill you next Tuesday.
by Tuesday_Sckus Loochs May 15, 2007
a chic euphemism for female genitalia. your ladyplace, your mother's ladyplace, your girlfriend's ladyplace etc. derivative of 'C U Next Tuesday'
"eat my tuesday"

"i've got some sort of yeast infection :("
"a yeast infection? where?"
"in my tuesday :'("

"not tonight, basil. my tuesday hurts."
by maggie costello October 13, 2008
A seemingly "normal" day. The only significant Tuesday known to man absolutely sucked (9/11)...therefore Tuesday's are boring, pointless, stupid, and never live up to better day's like Friday.
Tuesday...well at least it's not Monday.
by Jakabones August 12, 2006

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