A slang term used to describe men and women of Arabic decent. Usually used in conjunction with terms such as "body odor," "terrorist," "al qaeda," and "jihad." The term was coined in Hollywood by The M of T and friends. The reason for 'Tuesday' becoming the slur was due mostly to the terrorist attacks on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. The rest of the weekdays represent different racial categories to help disguise affectionate sayings and niceties, as well.
I hate Tuesdays...especially after they eat their lamb kababs and tah-chin...it makes their body odor most offensive, especially since they don't believe in deodorant!
by RedNeckZilla August 11, 2008
A joke worthy of contempt
"Oh no! What a Tuesday Joke!" *cringe*
by Joker P March 11, 2008
Player with one of the best names on a game called Runescape. Godlike F2P pker/warrer. Legend (H)! Funny & random guy. He's from Belgium. He's currently in the soon to be topclan The Rising
Wow that guy is like Tuesday

... is as cool as Tuesday.
by G H J J F September 07, 2007
a sarky way of saying you're not going to do something is to say you'll do it on a tuesday, or if something is stupid or unbelievable is happening it's tuesday.
"Are you going to go to church?" "Aye, I'll go there on a tuesday"


Hollyoaks is a pure tuesday
by S.e.a.n. December 27, 2006
Tuesday is the worst day in the world.
Useually a school day where everything goes wrong.
There is a holiday directly after the last tuesday of the school year called: Day-After-Tuesday-Day.
A: I have fellen down stairs, failed a test, made a fool of myself and was stabbed by a pencil.
B: Must be Tuesday.
by Joseph Pfister October 22, 2005
The nicer way of phrasing the word cunt. Derived from the long saying see you next Tuesday.
Ahh man I hate that guy over there! Hes such a Tuesday.
by Dwayam March 05, 2009
To most people, Tuesday is the second day of the week. To some people, Tuesday is the best insult ever invented. As the last word of the phrase See You Next Tuesday (as in C U Next Tuesday, as in cunt), Tuesday can be used as an adjective to describe someone you don't like without having to lower your voice.

This usage is popular in England with people between the ages of 18 and 30. Few people outside of this age range will have a clue what you're talking about if you call them a Tuesday; to the rest of the world, it is still the second day of the week. That's what makes it so great.
I was sat next to this right old Tuesday on the bus yesterday, he wouldn't stop reading the paper over my shoulder.
by Ben XO January 15, 2007

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