The realest gang of 10th grade gangstas on dis mutha fuckin earth, T.U.C.K. be reppin dat SFS, 202, 301 240 and 703
Yo playa dont fuck wit dem T.U.C.K. boys or you get yo fucked da fuck up
by OG T.U.C.K. Gangsta Q February 14, 2005
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when a male does a tuck, he "tucks" his penis and testes back through his legs which encompasses the look of a females genitals
does it look better tucked or untucked?
by Don Gulliver April 05, 2003
A discreet action performed in public in which a guy has to tuck his penis into the wasteline of his pants to hide his boner, so the people hes with and the general public cannot see that he has a raging hard on
dude its not fair everytime i see hot chicks at victoria secrets, i have to tuck it...its just not right!
by kyleshaffer21 July 24, 2008
To place a weapon in a concealed place. (ie a Gun)
"What You Tuckin?"
"Yo, Tuck That Joint"
by Tuck Dezi February 03, 2010
~Viatrophy English, from Mother's talk: 'Tuck in'

noun. tuck appointment event
3.a departure; tuck out

verb., -tucked, -tucking, -tucks.

1. To receive pleasure or satisfaction from.
2. To have the use or benefit of; tucking fair waste.
a:"Are we going to nandos?"
b:"Of course, it's a tuck"

"tuck me some of those tins"
by hay2923 March 06, 2008
a plastic surgery or surgical enhancement
You look good, you've had a tuck?
by bigmacworksalot June 13, 2008
a tumbling skill.
its a back flip with your knee's tucked into your chest.
in cheerleading we do tucks
by mariaaaaaaaa August 20, 2008
Tuck into (verb)

In addition to the anatomical meaning involving male genitals, "tuck" is also an expression used by the Brits meaning "to eat with gusto" or "to chow down."
Jeremy tucked into his portion of shepherd's pie.

I can't wait to get back to the flat and tuck into some of that leftover lasagna.
by MemphisBelle March 01, 2012

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