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"Too stupid; didn't read." Used to warn new visitors to a site that one of the regular denizens habitually makes comments lacking in factual basis, logic, or perspective. Plays on "tl;dr," frequently used as a criticism of commenters who post walls of text to make points unworthy of the time either to write or read.
I see our usual font of idiocy has posted another ts;dr comment. If you value your brain cells you'll skip reading it.
by ak4mc July 12, 2011
A holder of any one of myriad possible jobs in the field of journalism, from the noble reporter of news on down to the gossip columnist or the sleazeball who puts his byline on a press release and submits it unaltered for publication. Derives from the verb "to journalize," which shares with the public's respect for journalists the fact of being non-existent. For reasons as yet undetermined, actual respectable reporters have even embraced this vacuous label.
From what he told me about his job I thought he was some kind of hard-nosed reporter dedicated to getting at the truth and telling it to the public -- but when I asked him again what he told me was, he was a journalist. So I shot him in the head.
by ak4mc March 01, 2011
Being a parent. (Children optional.) (I mean, seriously, if it were about children the term would mention children.) (But it's "parenting," which means it's all about me, the parent, and the child, if any, is merely an accessory, like my handbag or my iPhone.) (Only more expensive.)
My mother and father all but killed themselves raising my brothers and sisters and me. I'm so glad my generation invented parenting instead.
by ak4mc January 31, 2011
1. Mismanagement that is clearly deliberate and malicious.

2. Innocently incompetent mismanagement that has such detrimental consequences that it could not be worse if it were deliberate and malicious.

3. (proper) A specific administration that meets either of the above definitions.
We still have two and a half more years of the Obama Maladministration ahead of us, but fortunately I can see 2012 from my house.
by ak4mc July 05, 2010
A member of the Establishment wing of the Republican Party -- fiscally irresponsible and unsympathetic to the views of grass-roots Republicans, but not an aisle-jumping RINO like Jim Jeffords or Arlen Specter.
It's no wonder John McCain lost in 2008, he pretends to be a maverick but he's really just another Establican.
by ak4mc October 25, 2010
A presidency, the most obvious characteristic of which is maladministration.
I haven't seen things this bad since the Carter Malpresidency.
by ak4mc July 05, 2010
"Just fucking wow." An expression of disbelief over something truly amazing, astounding, or mind-bogglingly stupid.
"Did you see how much taxpayer money the Obamas are spending on their Martha's Vineyard -- while even the rich gomers that live there are hurting in this economy? JFW."
by ak4mc August 25, 2011

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