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UK construction industry slang term for air conditioning Ductwork erectors. Sheet Metal ductwork is also known in the industry as 'trunking', hence, trunkers
Electricians = Sparks
Carpenters = Chippies
Steel erectors = Iron Fighters
Duct Erectors = Trunkers
by mark bates August 01, 2006
Any person with a disproportionately large ass (i.e., with junk in the trunk).
"Sorry it took me so long to run to the store. There was this trunker in the cat food aisle and I just couldn't get around her!"
by scott5114 December 21, 2011
A purchase or aquisistion that is kept in the trunk of one's car, awaiting a more oportune moment to reveal to friends, family, especially ones spouse.
Yeh, I bought the crazy expensive shoes, but they're trunkers until that party on Friday night.
by obabakoak May 22, 2006
Repeated abuser of cocaine
Hey man, he's a trunker
by Notoriousdoc May 13, 2005