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A common misspelling of the word "arctic," usually made by people with a fourth-grade education.
John: Hay letz go to the Artic pol!
Jane: Its spelled Arctic you dumbass.
by Spelling Police July 27, 2006
Articulated lorry, used for very fat woman. See also curtainsider.

PS The cold place is the ARCTIC, dumbass.
Shes a bit of an artic.
by oracle March 12, 2004
I. Cooler than cool.

II.The epitome of coolness
"Damb that song is artic"
by PFrancisKo December 23, 2012
Artic- encompassing many diamond
That watch you purchased from Ferrell Watches.com is artic
by Kevin Wright, the Jeweler November 06, 2007