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the pubic hair of a woman. preferably a tuft, or mound, unshaven
"I think Taylor Swift is hot."

"She's too young for you dude. I like my girls with trunch."
by frank strassburger August 24, 2011
7 2
n. a triple lunch period in high school

v. to skip two periods surrounding lunch
Hawk: I have trunch with Kayvon and Rob today.
Weber: Fuck you, you faggot fuck!

Kayvon: Yo, Rob, wanna trunch later?
Rob: No doubt, kid!
by robandkayvon December 08, 2010
6 1
Trunch is the combination of the words 'trouw' (dutch, marriage) and lunch.
So it's basically a wedding party at lunchtime
Everybody is invited to Ellens trunch!
by kcuvelier April 05, 2012
0 4
It is a combination of two words Traffic & Bunch. It refers to a group (or bunch) of vehicles on the road that moves TOGETHER between the two red lights.

Created by Farooq Azizi (March 18th, 2008)
I was driving with my girlfriend, and thats when I saw my wife's car 3 cars before me. We must have been in the same TRUNCH for a few lights. Good thing she didn't see us.
by Farooq Azizi March 19, 2008
1 6