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n. a triple lunch period in high school

v. to skip two periods surrounding lunch
Hawk: I have trunch with Kayvon and Rob today.
Weber: Fuck you, you faggot fuck!

Kayvon: Yo, Rob, wanna trunch later?
Rob: No doubt, kid!
by robandkayvon December 08, 2010
the pubic hair of a woman. preferably a tuft, or mound, unshaven
"I think Taylor Swift is hot."

"She's too young for you dude. I like my girls with trunch."
by frank strassburger August 24, 2011
A slang term referring to either male or female genitalia.
"Hey sweet thing, show us your trunch!"

"How big is your trunch hun?"

"Get down and munch my trunch baby..."
by Syx. April 08, 2014
Trunch is the combination of the words 'trouw' (dutch, marriage) and lunch.
So it's basically a wedding party at lunchtime
Everybody is invited to Ellens trunch!
by kcuvelier April 05, 2012
It is a combination of two words Traffic & Bunch. It refers to a group (or bunch) of vehicles on the road that moves TOGETHER between the two red lights.

Created by Farooq Azizi (March 18th, 2008)
I was driving with my girlfriend, and thats when I saw my wife's car 3 cars before me. We must have been in the same TRUNCH for a few lights. Good thing she didn't see us.
by Farooq Azizi March 19, 2008

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