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The level of ugly that surpasses ugly, pugly, bugly and fugly. Named afer anyone unfortunate enough to be named Trella.
Man, that chick from Wilfrid Laurier is so ugly.

Her name is Trella.

Oh, so she's trugly. Makes sense.
by tritsch-tratsch-polka May 23, 2009
26 8
Someone who is ugly and looks like a troll.
There is a troll in the common room
you are so trugly
by doesnt matter fuuuuuu January 25, 2013
5 0
used to describe someone who is "triple ugly"; surpasses ugly and fugly
Not only is that skank trugly, she smells like a sack of asses.
by AdriaJane August 05, 2005
8 4
Someone or something that is trendy but ugly. Applies to most bands of the moment, and some fashions.
Have you seen his hair? If it wasn't so trugly, he'd almost be cute.

No, of course it's not trugly. It's just a little funny-looking.

Aargh, invasion of the truglies!
by Hxx June 01, 2007
3 3
to be trajicaly ugly

poor bitch,, shes trugly!!
by johney m! October 18, 2007
0 2