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2 definitions by Vyplnit

The exchange rate between the words used in the "I don't give a ___" phrase. In a recent treaty between all English-speaking nations, it has been determined that there are:

2.71828183 shits per one fuck
3.14159265 damns per one shit

and 5.02734907 x 10^5 hoots per one damn
Brett: You see that cloud up there? It doesn't give a fuck about your existence _or 2.71828183 shits or 3.14159265 damns or 5.02734907 x 10^5 hoots.

Alex: Wow, you know the entire hoot-damn-shit-fuck exchange rate.


Boy: I don't give two fucks about your feelings!

Girl: wow you really don't care about me
by Vyplnit December 07, 2011
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What a bro says to affirm agreement upon a prior statement.
Runde: Popeye's chicken is mankind's greatest accomplishment.

Oliver: true dat homes
by Vyplnit September 26, 2011
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