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lips with collagen injected to make them plumper, particularly when it goes wrong and they look like a fish
leslie ash has got a trout pout!
by troll trug May 04, 2003
1. {Chiefly British} The result of over inflating lips with collagen. Lips may also resemble sausages or a baloon sculpture.

2. A more temporary variant of this condition may result from orthodontic or dental procedures.
1. Her trout pout looks as if she ran into a wasp’s nest lips first.

2. {Shouted in the hallway} Hey trout pout! Ya goin' for the Meg Ryan look?
by mandingoe October 19, 2005
Oversized lips, typically on females, especially after a callogen injection operation (cosmetic surgery where callogen is injected into the lips to enlarge them) gone awry. Basically, abnormally huge lips that look ridiculously bad. (Many dead trout (a type of fish) have overly large lips.)
Some people say Angelina Jolie has a trout pout, but I think her large lips are sexy.
by RoyalFlush May 29, 2006
Lips that resemble a trout. When a collagen implant to the lips goes horribly wrong. The patient is left looking more like a fish than a dish!
Leslie Ash
by Anonymous April 18, 2003
When girls, in an attempt to look naive, innocent, and a victim--usually in court, and in front of a judge--open their eyes real wide and push their lips out and in a frown; thereby looking like a fish.
The stupid judge fell for Tiffany's "trout pout" and sentenced her to probation for shoplifting all of that makeup at Wal-Mart.
by mike49677 March 13, 2012
A word to describe a particularly fleshy, protrusive and/or bulbous outer-vaginal area that is visible to the eye (when the female is naked), usually involving distinct vaginal lips.
Guy 1: "Check out the troutpout on that stripper!"

Guy 2: "Christ! I'd let her snag my bait any time!"
by Jace Jackson August 09, 2008
Whn someone is in a mood and pulls the corners of their mouth down to look like a fish...... trout pout
Mary: Have you seen Ozzie, he looks well miserable!

Jacky: Yer, He's got a right trout pout on
by Jacky Mitchell March 21, 2008
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