An excuse to space out for a couple of hours when you work in a office cubicle managed by a clueless boss.
Boss: "Johnson, have you sent out those STP reports?"
Johnson: "Uh.... no there was a problem with my computer, it was (insert computer jargon), I've been trouble shooting."
by Dmorg November 16, 2003
Top Definition
A pathetic attempt by a piece of software and/or human user at solving a problem which will persist despite any efforts short of divine intervention
After attempting to trouble shoot Windows ME errors for an hour, I was having trouble keeping myself from shooting my computer
by RabidWombat June 01, 2004
A window that pops up whenever there's a problem with your Windows, and never actually suggests a solution that helps fixing it.
The reason your CD-ROM doesn't work is because of blah blah.....

Did that solve the problem?
-Yes after I did that the CD-ROM works now
-No that didn't help me

Select No and the next page says:

We couldn't solve your problem with this trouble shooting session.
by Tosh November 02, 2003
When a man has problems with impotency
Sorry honey, I am having trouble shooting today.
by Shawn May 13, 2004
Working to repair an issue to a problem

Making something that's not working as desired work again
The trouble with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back!
My computer wont work and I really need my IT guy to get here and start troubleshooting.
by The IT Director May 01, 2012
Trying to find the source of a problem. Often associated with computer. Usually a pain in the arse.
I found this Microsoft trouble shooting manual, and now I think it would be more appropriate that I shoot myself.
by Stuart October 11, 2003
A text that has various common problems (usually having to do with the computer) on it, and what you can do to fix them.
"Oh man," sighed David, "My computer is flickering again. What can I do to stop it?"

"Why don't you look in trouble shooting?" suggested his coworker.
by Newbia June 23, 2004
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